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Subagent Development with eSNMP Using TCP/IP Services
Topic Area:
Track: Open VMS
Topic: Networks
Type:  Breakout Session

11/10/99   11:30 AM     Duration: 60 Min.     Room: 4

Sheldon Bishov
Software Engineer, Compaq Computer Corporation  

Since UCX V4.1, the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) service of TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, has implemented the eSNMP (extensible SNMP) architecture. This framework allows customers to integrate their own subagents into the operation of the SNMP service using a standard application programming interface (API). The OpenVMS implementation is based on the Tru64 UNIX code base, with features and adaptations specific to OpenVMS (for example, underlying OS data structures, development environment and integration with the overall TCP/IP Services product). This session focuses on the environment provided by TCP/IP Services V5.0 for developing and integrating subagents into SNMP operation. Major topics covered include: - Management Information Base (MIB) related tools - Use of general OpenVMS development tools - Use of example files, plus alternate approaches to design & implementation - Utility and test programs - SNMP version 2c (SNMPv2c) features - Configuration and setup options and procedures - Features for testing, optimizing, debugging - Logging options and interpretation - Migration: from older subagents, from other platforms - Integration with startup and shut down - OpenVMS-specific features, comparisons with Tru64 UNIX - Considerations for porting from (and to) other platforms - eSNMP API features and futures This presentation is not intended to provide exhaustive coverage of topics such as SNMP protocol operation, MIB design, ASN.1 specification, eSNMP architecture, or general V5 configuration and management. Also, although client technology is used for demonstration and testing, the focus is on the server side. One purpose of this session is to acquaint developers with tools available under TCP/IP V5.0. Also of great interest and benefit are contributions from attendees on experience gained in subagent development at customer sites. Possible areas of discussion are code strategies, design philosophies, specific tools and areas of enhancements in the products.

Understand the environment provided by TCP/IP services for OpenVMS V5.0 for developing custom subagents. Will include some comparison with environments provided by other platforms and products.
Distinguish among issues related to the SNMP services, the eSNMP architecture and the general TCP/IP infrastructure.
Use tools and examples provided with TCP/IP V5 to understand, debug, test and optimize subagent operation. Properly configure and set up the TCP/IP Services environment to run custom subagents.  

Prerequisites for attendees:
1. Knowledge of SNMP concepts: basic protocol operation, MIBs 2. Familiarity with eSNMP architecture, and if possible with specific subagent implementations (standard, e.g. MIB-II, or custom.) 3. C or other programming experience, preferably with comf

Required Skill Level:
Assumes general knowledge of topic, familiarity w/basic terms & procedures


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