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Web Enabling OpenVMS Data and Applications
Topic Area:
Track: Open VMS
Topic: Web Project Management
Type:  Weekend Seminar

11/07/99   09:00 AM     Duration: All Day     Room:

John Apps & Phil Hudson
Compaq Computer Corporation  

This team-led, day-long session will focus on implementing Internet technologies as well as the tools and techniques available to allow existing OpenVMS data and applications to participate in an e-business environment. We will concentrate on Web enabling both OpenVMS data and applications (in a Windows NT/OpenVMS or pure OpenVMS environment), highlighting how you can continue to exploit your back-end OpenVMS systems' high availability features. This session will have heavy emphasis on how customers can exploit their significant investments in OpenVMS systems and applications by reusing and extending these applications using state-of-the-art, industry-standard, Internet integration technologies. For customers considering the addition of Windows NT into their environment, we will discuss how to design a rolling architecture that accommodates the integration of Windows NT into their OpenVMS environment, keeping focused on customers' requirements for 24x365 availability. We will also cover how to ensure that this new, integrated environment is scalable to accommodate the high transaction rates and high number of concurrent users that will likely occur when your application debuts on the Internet/intranet. Various technologies will be discussed for implementation across OpenVMS and Windows NT. Topics covered will include: - Overview of Web enabling technologies and solutions for OpenVMS customers - Web enabling backend OpenVMS systems (RMS, DBMS, and Oracle Rdb databases) using Universal Data Access tools (ISG Navigator). - Interactive construction of COM wrappers for 3GL routines, demonstrating the integration of an existing 3GL OpenVMS application with standard component technology for Web or Windows NT deployment (using Compaq BridgeWorks and other third-party technologies). - Implementing Web/Thin Client solutions with ACMS/DECforms applications family products (TP Web Connector products and DECforms Web Connector). - Integrating COM-based design and development with MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) and existing OpenVMS systems. Throughout the seminar, we will provide hands-on opportunities for attendees to Web enable sample data and applications using the technologies described above.

Web enable existing OpenVMS data and applications for integration into a Windows NT environment.
Understand the intricacies of manually building a Web or COM connection to existing 3GL applications, and see how an automated tool such as BridgeWorks can simplify the construction and maintenance of component connections.
Understand how to use COM to wrap existing OpenVMS applications.  

Prerequisites for attendees:

Required Skill Level:
Assumes general knowledge of topic, familiarity w/basic terms & procedures


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