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For the Want of a Nail: Data Storage & Today's High Bandwidth Applications
Topic Area:
Track: Enterprise Solutions
Topic: Storage
Type:  Breakout Session

11/10/99   04:30 PM     Duration: 90 Min.     Room: 11A

Chris Wray

Applications that involve the exchange of multimedia files over the network are putting increasing pressure on the enterprise's infrastructure. This includes data warehousing, videoconferencing, electronic commerce and collaborative computing. As a result, IS and network managers are struggling to meet the users' insatiable need for bandwidth and to address networking switching problems through the use of high speed token ring, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and other technologies. But an infrastructure is only as good as the sum of its parts, and if critical subsystems, such as data storage, are neglected, the resulting bottlenecks can bring the entire enterprise's information infrastructure to its knees. In this presentation, we examine present and future applications that are pushing the need for bandwidth íV, everything from HDTV and voice, video and fax over IP, to enterprise data warehouses that run into the terabytes. We explores the role that data storage plays in the overall enterprise information infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the desktop. The speaker points out why advances in disk drive technology are critical to maintaining and growing this infrastructure and forecasts where storage technology is heading over the next several years. This wide-ranging and fast-paced presentation places storage technologies in the broader context of the evolution of the enterprise's computer and networking infrastructure as user demand for information access and exchange continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Why data storage and access can still be a major bottleneck even though bandwidth problems may be solved
What are recent advances in storage technology such as Giant Magneto-Resistive (GMR) heads and high speeds (10,000 RPM and 100 MBs) transfer rates
Why choosing between interface technologies such as SSA, SCSI and Fibre Channel is critical.  

Prerequisites for attendees:
Attendees should have a general knowledge of the enterprise information infrastructure and the applications - voice, video and fax over IP, enterprise data warheouses - that are pushing the need for greater bandwidth.

Required Skill Level:
Assumes general knowledge of topic, familiarity w/basic terms & procedures


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